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Capturing all the beautiful
varietal and terroir characteristics in a finished wine is a balance of art and science, and requires a deft, restrained hand from harvest to final blend. Winemaker Amanda Ingram draws from her 14+ years of winemaking experience across three countries to showcase the exceptional cool-climate terroir of Edna Valley in Graymore Chardonnay.

Thanks to the region’s long growing season, fruit ripens slowly and evenly, and can be picked at its optimum phenolic ripeness. The berries are gravity-fed into the press, and the juice is cool fermented in a combination of neutral oak barrels and stainless steel. Barrel fermentation adds structure and silkiness to the wine, while the stainless-steel fermentation enhances all the bright fruit and acidity. The wine does not undergo any malolactic fermentation, considered “ML negative”, and ages for a short time in neutral French and Austrian oak barrels, chosen for their ability to add a pleasing roundness and texture to the wine, before blending and bottling.

The result is a Chardonnay with bright, refreshing aromas and flavors, a luxurious, medium-bodied structure and texture, and tantalizing acidity on the finish—classic Edna Valley.

This wine is enjoyable on its own and pairs effortlessly with food, such as grilled halibut with lemon and Pecorino Romano cheese, and is the perfect wine for occasions grand and casual.

Winemaker, Amanda Ingram

Graymore Wines Winemaker Amanda Ingram
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