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Graymore Wines Edna Valley

The Story

A fine wine tells a story of place,
revealing the influence of sun, soil, terroir and climate on the vineyards. Graymore’s expressive, elegant Chardonnay offers a perfect reflection of Edna Valley.

The Graymore name and label evoke the elements that most influence this region’s unique terroir: the infringing, pale gray ocean fog and the dark gray-streaked clay soils are defining parts of Edna Valley.

The climate here is unlike that of surrounding areas. Edna Valley is surrounded by mountain ranges and hills, but a gap to the northwest allows the fog and wind coming off the nearby Pacific Ocean to pour into the Valley each day. This creates a cycle of cool morning fog, sunny days and gentle afternoon breezes allowing the grapes to ripen gradually and evenly over a long growing season. This imparts beautiful aromas, flavor and structure while maintaining the vibrant acidity.

The soils of Edna Valley are a distinctive mix of volcanic and oceanic soils, the most prominent and striking of which is Zaca clay, named for its devilishly deep gray color. These clay-rich soils nourish the vines, reduce the need for irrigation and add finesse in the finished wine.

This perfect confluence allows us to craft our Chardonnay with minimal intervention in the winery, and results in a beautiful wine indelibly imprinted with the Edna Valley DNA.

Graymore Wines Vineyard Soils
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