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Located halfway between
San Francisco and Los Angeles in the Central Coast region of California, Edna Valley comprises a mere 35 square miles. It is a clearly defined valley bordered by the Santa Lucia Mountains along the northeast side, low hills to the south and the San Luis Range along the southwest. A gap to the northeast opens into the Los Osos Valley, which meets the ocean at Morro Bay. It is this gap that funnels morning fog in the summer and brisk breezes every afternoon from the ocean into Edna Vally, creating its cool climate and long growing season.

We source our Chardonnay from two vineyards. Both are Certified Sustainable by the California Sustainable Wine Alliance, which ensures the winegrowing practices are not only environmentally sound, but socially equitable and economically feasible. Soils within these vineyards are comprised of dark gray Zaca clay that is strongly calcareous and formed from weakly consolidated marine sediments, and Salinas silty clay, containing nutrient-rich organic matter.

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Graymore Vineyard Map
Graymore Vineyard Moretti Canyon

Moretti Canyon Vineyard

Moretti Canyon Vineyard runs east into the Diablo Range, which shields it from the brunt of the marine winds coming from the north. Planted in 1999, the site enjoys mild temperatures. The vines here produce large berries of juicy fruit and make up 75% of the final blend.
Graymore Vineyard Edna Ranch

Edna Ranch Vineyard

Edna Ranch Vineyard, in contrast, is located on a ridge. Planted in 1991, the vines are exposed to the daily afternoon winds and are planted in shallow soils. Both influences stress the vines which result in lower yields and fruit with intense flavors.
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